Irish Railway Uniform Buttons





The 1st button is the oldest and comes off of a uniform for Belfast & Northern County Railways and as I understand it only the top button of the coat would have been ornate with the rest being plain.

BNCR would eventually be bought out by London Midland & Scottish Railways in 1903 and become LMS NCC (Northern Counties Committee) up until it’s closure in 1947.

The 1st one I found while digging for bottles at an old railway rubbish tip and the 2nd one was picked up at a boot sale the following day. Coincidence? or was I sub-consciously looking for it?

Both buttons where made in Birmingham, the button capitol of Britain. You can just about make out the maker on the back of the BNCR button.

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One Response to Irish Railway Uniform Buttons

  1. edward wilson says:

    Mine not in as good condition as yours but thanks for putting it online so that I could find out what it is.

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