The day Irish Rebels stole a car

This might be the best story behind anything that I’ve picked up at a boot sale.


H.M.Johnston M.D – Stranorlar

Stranorlar is a small village in Donegal on the River Finn and sometime in the early 1900’s an English Doctor by the name of Henry Johnstone moved there.

As the story goes it was 1920 and he was the only one in the village to own a car which he would use to do house calls.

As it turns out the Irish Rebels knew this fact and used it to there advantage when they found themselves in need of transport to an important IRA meeting.

They faked an emergency and called the Dr out for a house call and then hijacked his car.

As the story goes they even gave him a reciept for the car which promised to pay him back when they where successful in over throwing the British.

Some theories suggest he may have been a willing participant but we will never know for sure.

It’s such a good story it was turned into a poem and a song which has been covered by many bands over the years including the Dubliners.





The bottle itself is a 2 peice mold that has an applied lip which has been machined to look nice and even. Who knows what concoction it would have held. Anything from lung tonic to cough medicine.

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