W.G. O’Doherty – Derry/Londonderry

As you can probably tell by now, I collect bottles and being from Co. Londonderry there where 100’s of business’ producing Whisky, Beer, Stout & Mineral Waters with a vast majority located in the city itself.

One of the most prolific was William .George. O’Doherty of Bishop Street and these are the items I have found to date.

imageI picked the water jug up at a charity shop, the bottle behind it is from a boot sale, the small brown one I found out fossicking on the beach and the rest where bought at antique stores.

imageThere are several versions of the stoneware bottles, some more ornate than these. Shame about the glass bottle being busted but at £1 I couldn’t say no.

imageOne of the few bottles that say Derry instead of Londonderry, this is a more modern one. Probably 1940’s.

imageClose up of the Whisky water jug. It is a twofer, not only is it an O’Dohertys piece it’s Guinness related as well.

Trading from at least 1871 W.G.O’Dohertys started out selling fertilizer in the form of Guano (Bat Shit!) from Brazil, but phased this out in preference for groceries and Alcohol and eventually 20 years after opening started bottling Ale.

More info here: Ulster American Folk Park

The premisis at Bishop Street is still trading as a pub but no longer in the hands of the O’Doherty family. The new owner obviously has an appreciation for history as the pubs new name is W. Gee’s Bar and Off Sales



I popped into W. Gee’s today and had a pint o’ Guinness as my excuse to have a snoop around.

Here’s the man who started it all. Look at the mutton chops!

An original poster ad citing their capabilities in Tea.


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3 Responses to W.G. O’Doherty – Derry/Londonderry

  1. M healy says:

    Enjoyed that . Helped me very much with the history of a wee glass tumbler I found with W G O’Dohery Londonderry on it which I would’ve loved to have posted a foto of.

    • thomasmccool says:

      Hi, I’m glad you find it helpful. There are probably hundreds of different
      items with there name on. Bottles, glasses, jugs loads of advertising
      pieces. If you want to email me a picture of your glass I could update the
      blog and we can show everybody. I will give you credit of course.


      Regards thomas

  2. Cathal says:

    Hi Thomas

    WG was my great grandfather.

    I would love any information you have about him or his business,

    I was often in the shop as a child and we got all our groceries there.

    At that time [early 1940’s] it was run by Joe toland from Abercorn Road


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