2 years in the finding

So a little over 2 years ago I started collecting bottles, it all started with a beach find. Then as I reaearched the hobby, I found that there was a huge collectors scene out there. Multiple forums, collectors clubs on Facebook and even a monthly magazine.

Being new to the scene I hadn’t a clue if my home town was a producer of beverages back in the day, so I joined the Irish Bottle Collectors Club on FB and asked them if they knew of any.

Then someone posted a pic of one and from then to now I have been searching for it.

Then last week I found a guy who did have one that he found 25 years ago on a dung midden no less. He spotted it from a country road while out on a sunday drive and braved the stench to retrieve it.

May I present my prize


Murphys, as the bottle suggest had operations in both Ballymena and Limavady from the turn of the century to the late 50’s. Producing Ginger Beer, various flavoured soft drinks and later on Stout which they sold in there own pubs.

After showing this off on the IABCc on FB, I now find out that there is another confirmed bottle with Limavady ties. Andrew Ferguson NewtonLimavady, which is older still as this is the old name for the town which was changed in 1870.

The hunt never ends… but why would I want it too.

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