An image dump of my finds over the past 8 weeks

Todays carboot find. A little 4″ Cream pot from the Ulster Dairy Co Belfast. A little battle scarred but still a keeper.

These three where all aquired within a week of each other. Kirker & Co is my 1st find from a charity shop, Grattan is from The Bedlam Market in Derry City and Ross’s Royal was a swap for a Ballymena stout Bottle I dug (See pic below)

Start of a whole! Top layers ars mostly 1920’s and 3o’s. I am pretty sure the more I go down the older it’ll get.

Came out complete, very happy.

Dug this as well but it seen better days. Crawford & Crawford, Larne. I believe this company to have a familial connection with Crawford and sons of Larne who made this bottle. 

Lovely sailing ship pictorial on this one.

Great eBay discovery, wasn’t listed as Irish so got a really good bargain with this.

A trio of beautys from Derry/ Londonderry. I reached out on a Buy & Sell page on FB and got these. The John Kerr is a particularly sought after bottle.

Boyd’s Fine Old Irish Whiskies – Originally would have said along the bottom Boyd & Co Belfast. Totally rusted to bits but still enough there to like. Found in an old abandoned barn.

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