Kiker & Co Ltd – Mineral Water Manufacturers

Registered 1870 – 1942 Ogle Street Armagh

Starting at the bottom and going anti clockwise.

  • 1880’s Torpedo – Belfast.
  • 1920/30’s applied crown top – Armagh.
  • 1890’s Torpedo *with upright embossing which doesn’t make sense*) – Belfast.
  • 1940’s machine made blob top – Armagh.
  • 1910/20’s applied lip blob top – Armagh.

*I say the torpedo with upright embossing doesn’t make sense because these bottles are specifically designed to lay on their side to keep the corks moist and thus the writting should be oriontated as such like the 1st. Perhaps these went with stands as display peices for grocers windows.

Looks like in the later stages of the business they may have been going for a rebranding with the giant K. All speculation of course.

A few soda syphons. One with a pewter top embossed with Kirker Armagh and one with a bakelite top.

I’ve been told that their logo is a 5 sided Clover but I reckon it’s an apple flower as Armagh is known for apple growing and I recognise the shape as I had apple trees in our garden as a child.

I’ve posted this before when I got it but here it is again. Perfect condition, I’m still very pleased with it.

Bonus – Images taken from The Irish Antique Bottle Collectors Club on facebook.

Credit: Ronan Hughes FB

Apparently this completes the syphon collection. 

Bonus Bonus – Not mine, just some images I’ve collected from t’internet.

Paper Show Card 1901

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