Hunter’s Millers Limavady

This was a well earned find, I had to climb into and old abandoned, partially callapsed Railway station storeroom.

Then it was a case of crawling underneath a raised platform where, I no doubt 100+ years of rat activity was present. Worth it.

This Hessian sack dates to around the 50’s, more or less confirmed by a gentleman who worked there as a kid. He’s sure plastic didn’t appear till early 60’s.

It’s double sided but hell if I can make it out. Faded to time, this was the side that was facing the elements.

The Mill would have been located directly beside the Bakery at the corner of Market st. & Irish green st.

The Mill is no longer there replaced by a supermarket. The Bakery however is still there, curning out 100’s of pastries, buns, cakes and breads per day. They make a damn fine sandwhich too.

I have a plan to slightly mend this and get it framed, I have a feeling there aren’t too many of these left. I’ll get a pic up as and when it gets done.

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