January Bootsale & Barn Finds

Some really fantastic stuff recently.

A lovely heavy bar serving tray for “The Belfast Mineral Water Co” This was actually from an ad on Gumtree, usually about once a year I find something worth the hassle.

Interestingly most trays of this era where made by J.A. campbell & co Belfast, so it’s nice to find one with another makers name on.

Up next a moderate condition bottle crate from IB Company, Belfast. IB standing for Irish Bottle. Not to be confused with IGB ( Irish Glass Bottlers) that where based at Ringsend, Dublin. 

Has had a bit of a clean, I know I know, they say not to clean anything when it comes to antiques but it needed it. It had 80 years sitting in an old mechanics garage and was covered in greasy dust.

The best for last, 1 Gallon Whiskey Flagon from Watt & Co Ltd Letterkenny. Harder to find than the Londonderry varity and such this has already gone to a new home. A bar owner/Collector in New York City, U.S.A.

I didn’t mind letting it go, I do collect stoneware but only bottles and this is too big for the shelves anyway.

Bonus – This is some stuff that I’ve seen recently but havent bought

Nice chemist label from Coleraine, I think original bottle too.

Apparently fairly common down Dublin way, anti-curd mixture?

James Mulhern Enniskillin Soda Syphon. Missing top so I didn’t bother with a bid. Bottle to the right is an english codd, preston if your interested.

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