Wide mouth milk bottles – Ulster, Ireland 

My fledgling wide mouth milk bottle collection. I hadn’t really intended to collect them but I’ve picked them up here and there over the past year or so and relatively cheaply too. All where around the 5 buck mark.

L to R;

  • B.Hazelton – Dungannon, Pyro label.
  • Dhu Varren Dairy (DVD) – Portrush.
  • Killyman Dairy – Moy.
  • Porters Glenside Dairyc – Hannahstown
  • Lowry – Belfast
  • S.J. Wright Deerpark Dairy – Belfast

Before foil caps where the fashion these where sealed with cardboard lids, some would use generic lids with advertising on or their own personalized ones. I have yet to see one with it’s corresponding lid.

The pyro label is a little faded in places but I rub some olive oil over it every now and again and it shines like new. I’ve seen people fill them with polystyrene balls and I have to say that it looks rather good, if I get anymore labelled ones I might do just that.

The lips on these bottles are very thick and they seem to survive very well, unlike later thinner glass milk bottles that can smash from being looked at with and angry scowl.

I do have a small collection of later milk bottles, they aren’t as pretty but are becoming very collectible in there own right. I’ve had a digger tell me that he used to kick them back in the whole in the 80’s and he is now visiting his old dig sites as people are begging him for them.

Who knows, I may keep them or I may not, if a good swap comes along there gone.


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