More Bottles…

A nice little trio all picked up within a few days of each other. It’s like that old phrase, you wait for ages for a bottle and 3 show up at once…


Defineitly the most ornate designed bottle I have, what with the corn cobs and sheild design and my 1st Guinness Stout Bottle. Shame about the lip, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Really dark glass, applied lip bottle for City Bottling Co, Londonderry. This along with the Osborne Patton above where found at the pub down the road from me and a trade was done.

R.A.Austin Chemist, (the) Diamond, Londonderry. No doubt belonging to Austins Department store which had been trading for well over 100 years up until last year that is when they closed for good.

John Crawford, Wholsale Merchant, Larne. I have a glass beer bottle from this comapany, which I think I’ve shown on the blog before. There is some controversy with this bottle, I and a few others believe it is a coffee/chicory essence bottle and others think Whisky. It’s 12fl oz which is an unusual size for a Whisky bottle. Maybe it’s an all purpose bottle that you could get filled with whatever took your fancy. Research on going.

Just a nice shot from me playing with my camera.

Fairly modern bottles in an old barn, nice for photos but that’s it.

80’s Harp bottles. unopened.

A gift from a far flung family member, who worked on the railway lines for years. Finding the odd bottle while doing maitainance. This is a very local milk, from a dairy that had a very short life span, 1935-1960.

This is a fairly plain bottle but  bonus points for having Derry printed rather than Londonderry. I would say for every 10 “Londonderry” bottles, you find 1 “Derry” bottle. It has a big brother but with a much fancier design.

Ferris, Londonderry. Blue print, impressed. My first, very hapy with this! Came across this after a plea on a FB buy/sell/swap page. They’re out there, you just gotta let people know you’re looking!

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