Bootsale Buys, Club Swaps & Auction finds – April – June 2017

An image dump of my finds from the past 10 weeks or so. I’ve been to loads of bootsales since the weather picked up, had a bottle club swap meet and been to a very cool auction that contained well over a 1000 lots from a private collection spanning 60 years.



Hamilton Todd – Coleraine

Unusual shaped glass bottle, in the style of  earlier ginger beer stoneware bottles. Dates to 1940’s, possibly made to commemorate a special event. I’ve already added this to the previous post “Coleraine”.



Small timetable for LMS NCC 1946 booklet, not hugely interesting other than the ad on the inside cover for The Railway Hotel Portrush.

Again not super interesting but it’s a courtesy map of Ballymena given by a no longer in operation auctioneer & estate agents. Cool ad inside for the Ford Capri, which helps date it too.

Picked up a few other bottles and things but common stuff that I have since sold on.

Club Meet

The Irish Antique Bottle Collectors Club, who up until 20th may had been a virtual one only had a swap meet in Dundalk at Fitzpatricks Bar. I swapped a few, sold a few and bought a few.


Maddens mineral water co – Londonderry Codds

The one on the left is the one I traded a Dundalk Whisky for, I found the N. Carolans at the bootsale a week earlier. Very fortunate considering the meet was in Dundalk and the swap was with a Dundalkian.. Dundalker?


Watt & Co Applied Lip Seltzer Bottle

This was bought from the founder of said club, a crown top seltzer bottle. A.A Watt was one of the biggest companies in Derry and have some 57 different bottles but this is probably in the top ten (of theirs) most difficult to come by.


N. Lancashire Chemists Ballymena

Bought the blob top at the meet and the Codd at an antique shop on the way home from Dundalk. Pleased with both but more so with the codd as it is extremely sought after.


The Braid Mineral Water Company

A very hard to come buy 6oz swing stopper with Boar pictorial. Especially with bail and stopper attached and original.


This auction was held 10th June at premises in Rasharkin, the collection was built up over 60 years by one person and was contained in 3 very large sheds. It had everything from steam traction engines to signs to antique tools and of course my favourites, bottles.


James Holmes & Co/ Cromac St./ Belfast

This was a seemingly unheard of codd and has already went to a codd collector. I bought it with the intention of moving on as codds aren’t my forte.


Hugh Anderson/ Coleraine


This I believe was my star buy at this auction, a 3.5 Gallon Slab Seal Flagon in what I think is original wicker basket. I have been able to date this quite accurately to between 1870 & 1873. The amount of dirt and grease may put some people off but I love it.


Trayders “waiters tray”

This is the 2nd one of these I’ve come across this year, I swapped the 1st one I had and kinda regretted it. I gladly grabbed this one even if I did pay a little too much for it. I’ve treated this one with rust converter to stave off any further damage.

That’s it for now, another lifetime collection auction to go to this Saturday and a bootsale on Sunday so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions and perhaps would like to buy something or have any bottles to sell/swap send me a message.

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