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July & August Carbooting & Collection Additions

It’s been a 50/50 Summer Weather wise, haven’t got to nearly as many bootsales as I could’ve., even so I’ve added quite a few really good items to my ever growing collection beyond the Auctions that happened at the start … Continue reading

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A good start to July

Lets start things off with the best find. A Victorian toilet pull with advertising for G.B. Thompson/ Plumber/ Larne. Came in a job lot that I bought in a recent auction, Only thing in the box that I wanted and … Continue reading

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Bootsale Buys, Club Swaps & Auction finds – April – June 2017

An image dump of my finds from the past 10 weeks or so. I’ve been to loads of bootsales since the weather picked up, had a bottle club swap meet and been to a very cool auction that contained well … Continue reading

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Before County Londonderry was called that it was known as County Coleraine, so it’s namesake town of almost 25,000 people has always been a prominent place within the North West. Situated on the River Bann it rose during Victorian times … Continue reading

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More Bottles…

A nice little trio all picked up within a few days of each other. It’s like that old phrase, you wait for ages for a bottle and 3 show up at once…   Defineitly the most ornate designed bottle I … Continue reading

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Wide mouth milk bottles – Ulster, Ireland 

My fledgling wide mouth milk bottle collection. I hadn’t really intended to collect them but I’ve picked them up here and there over the past year or so and relatively cheaply too. All where around the 5 buck mark. L … Continue reading

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January Bootsale & Barn Finds

Some really fantastic stuff recently. A lovely heavy bar serving tray for “The Belfast Mineral Water Co” This was actually from an ad on Gumtree, usually about once a year I find something worth the hassle. Interestingly most trays of … Continue reading

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