Hunter’s Millers Limavady

This was a well earned find, I had to climb into and old abandoned, partially callapsed Railway station storeroom.

Then it was a case of crawling underneath a raised platform where, I no doubt 100+ years of rat activity was present. Worth it.

This Hessian sack dates to around the 50’s, more or less confirmed by a gentleman who worked there as a kid. He’s sure plastic didn’t appear till early 60’s.

It’s double sided but hell if I can make it out. Faded to time, this was the side that was facing the elements.

The Mill would have been located directly beside the Bakery at the corner of Market st. & Irish green st.

The Mill is no longer there replaced by a supermarket. The Bakery however is still there, curning out 100’s of pastries, buns, cakes and breads per day. They make a damn fine sandwhich too.

I have a plan to slightly mend this and get it framed, I have a feeling there aren’t too many of these left. I’ll get a pic up as and when it gets done.

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Kiker & Co Ltd – Mineral Water Manufacturers

Registered 1870 – 1942 Ogle Street Armagh

Starting at the bottom and going anti clockwise.

  • 1880’s Torpedo – Belfast.
  • 1920/30’s applied crown top – Armagh.
  • 1890’s Torpedo *with upright embossing which doesn’t make sense*) – Belfast.
  • 1940’s machine made blob top – Armagh.
  • 1910/20’s applied lip blob top – Armagh.

*I say the torpedo with upright embossing doesn’t make sense because these bottles are specifically designed to lay on their side to keep the corks moist and thus the writting should be oriontated as such like the 1st. Perhaps these went with stands as display peices for grocers windows.

Looks like in the later stages of the business they may have been going for a rebranding with the giant K. All speculation of course.

A few soda syphons. One with a pewter top embossed with Kirker Armagh and one with a bakelite top.

I’ve been told that their logo is a 5 sided Clover but I reckon it’s an apple flower as Armagh is known for apple growing and I recognise the shape as I had apple trees in our garden as a child.

I’ve posted this before when I got it but here it is again. Perfect condition, I’m still very pleased with it.

Bonus – Images taken from The Irish Antique Bottle Collectors Club on facebook.

Credit: Ronan Hughes FB

Apparently this completes the syphon collection. 

Bonus Bonus – Not mine, just some images I’ve collected from t’internet.

Paper Show Card 1901

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December Bootsales & Barn finds

Bootsale – Self explanitory

Barn find – both made in Ireland. I think the bottle is a hair product similar to Brylcreem. Bo-Peep match boxes where a suprise find inside an old tin.

Bootsale – little green poison with a Chemists label drom Londonderry.

Barn find – still full if oil and covered in grease deposits. Rusty but should clean up nicely.

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Bootsale finds Ireland – Greysteel, Derry

Great bootsale today, the sun shined bright and place was 75% full today, around 100 cars.

1st up is this

A large internal screw top dating to the 50’s for The Larne Mineral water Company. I really like these bottles due to the big sailing ship pictorial. I’ve had the smaller one for a while now and missed out on a blob too version on ebay a while back. Still a bit sour about that.

Still in the process of finding out if they did a Stoneware bottle.

Then after a walk around the same guy brought this out.

A Kirker & Co wooden bottle crate. It’s a small one, holds 12 glass bottles I think. They where based in Armagh and Belfast.

And on the bottom inside there are still remnants of neck labels. Cool, hey?

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Blue print Londonderry Stout Bottles

My very 1st Blue prints, both from Londonderry. My closest “big” city. 

The W.G O’Doherty is a very common bottle in the standard black print but so very uncommon in blue. In fact I didn’t even realise it came in blue until very recently.

The McGinnis black print is uncommon and the blue even more so. What makes it a bit more special is the double address’. Ebrington House and Duke street.

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Irish Railway Buttons and a tourist.

A nice little grouping…. Spot the odd one out?

Great Northern Railways – Ireland

A large and small one, both Birmingham made.

CIE still in operation today, Ireland public rail service.
Very nice Rose design on this, no makers just special quality on reverse.

Now for that odd one out. Western Australian Government Railways, this is a long way from home. Swan? & crown pictorial. No makers on reverse.

Buttons are a fairly easy and inexpensive thing to collect these where all had for £5.

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An image dump of my finds over the past 8 weeks

Todays carboot find. A little 4″ Cream pot from the Ulster Dairy Co Belfast. A little battle scarred but still a keeper.

These three where all aquired within a week of each other. Kirker & Co is my 1st find from a charity shop, Grattan is from The Bedlam Market in Derry City and Ross’s Royal was a swap for a Ballymena stout Bottle I dug (See pic below)

Start of a whole! Top layers ars mostly 1920’s and 3o’s. I am pretty sure the more I go down the older it’ll get.

Came out complete, very happy.

Dug this as well but it seen better days. Crawford & Crawford, Larne. I believe this company to have a familial connection with Crawford and sons of Larne who made this bottle. 

Lovely sailing ship pictorial on this one.

Great eBay discovery, wasn’t listed as Irish so got a really good bargain with this.

A trio of beautys from Derry/ Londonderry. I reached out on a Buy & Sell page on FB and got these. The John Kerr is a particularly sought after bottle.

Boyd’s Fine Old Irish Whiskies – Originally would have said along the bottom Boyd & Co Belfast. Totally rusted to bits but still enough there to like. Found in an old abandoned barn.

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